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Think back for a little bit... Try to remember that favorite book that  you saw all the images as they were being described. Every color, every sound every bit of scenery;  That was your imagination being born, and it all started with a book!

Reading is the safest way that we can allow our children to escape, to foreign lands, envision what their careers will be, explore different galaxies and learn about alternate realities.   

Our communities rely on the success of our children's education and it all begins with a foundation of reading.

"Young Leaders Read" or YLR as we affectionately call it, is an exciting Book Club for Children.

Sign up your young leaders today to automatically receive their Book of the Month, invites to exclusive book signing events, YLR quarterly Book club meet ups, and special rewards for achieving milestones on their very own Reading Ruler

Young Leaders Read (YLR)

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